Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A sewing day!

Today I have had a very special sewing day. I was hoping to work on a few things but spent all my time on one dress. This dress has frilly sleeves, a gathered bodice, little pockets on the front, an internal bodice (?) and a zipper. So its been a lot of little features to work on all at once. I even made my own binding to go around the armhole. I spent 5-6 hours on it today which included tracing the pattern and cutting the material. I still have one sleeve, the internal bodice, the zipper and the hem to go.. so I'm still a little ways off! Am I too slow? Should I give up sewing?? I don't want to be taking three times as long as everyone else..


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Kylie said...

Oh my - that is going to be gorgeous. No I don not think that you have taken too long. I would prefer to take longer and get it right then have to unpick it! And there are lots of things to tackle with that pattern - well done