Saturday, May 29, 2010

It begins

Last night I helped my Mum out with some quilting squares. It was one of those moments where she bought her project around with the hope of using my sewing machine and then said she was too tired and we wouldn't have time. I ignored this (teehee) and set up the sewing machine for her and put out the cutting mat.. and soon enough it was 10pm and she was completing the final square. Whoopie! I must say that it is *wonderful* to sit around with someone else while you're sewing or doing some other craft. I egged Mum on, helping with her cutting, ironed her fabrics for her, helped her make decisions like what width seams to use etc.

I felt sooooo motivated afterwards and set about doing some sewing today and I made some appliqued tees for DD. I had an old tshirt which was too stained to wear so I cut out the unmarked designs and attached them onto a new tshirt. The tshirt comes from a matching tee and skirt set, so now we still have a matching tee for the skirt! The second tee is a simple square of fabric and I have used blanket stitch as the border. I have used double sided interfacing for both tees.

I'm keen to make some dolls clothes for DD and to give as presents to friends with young kids. So I have started with this little nappy. I've used an offcut of fabric from the remnants bin at the fabric shop - probably sheeting fabric.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Task completed

I signed up for a Pay It Forward a long time ago and finally got it together just before heading off on holidays. Parcels went out to Emma and Car and have been received.