Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fabric Flower



Simple and very sweet Frayed Flower tutorial.

The flower lasted all afternoon before it was pulled apart by its wearer. We started hearing "ow.. ow.. ow.. ow.." from the backseat of the car.. I turned around to find that DD had pulled opened the safety pin and was learning about sharp points..

I brought a new blade for my rotary cutter.. I knew it needed changing but what a difference it is to have a fresh blade!! Its so much easier to cut fabric - it just glides on through and I only need to cut once! Bliss!

Repurposing metal tins


Inspiration from here and here I used a baby formula tin and I'm hoping to make a few more of these.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tissue Tuesday

More Tissue Cases:
I'm going to make a pile of fabrics pre cut for these cases as I love to start off sewing something simple which gives me more confidence and then I can move onto more complicated sewing.. not that I'm up to too much of late.. I have plenty of ideas though.. ;)

I grabbed some lovely magazines on the weekend which I thought would help with some inspiration. It always helps to see what other people are doing and it always inspires me with fabric coordination.

There is a fabulous girl's dress in the Get Creative magazine which I am absolutely in love with:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fabric selection

I just completed the drawstring bag tutorial on the sewbunnybum website. The funnest thing in the universe, to me, is fabric selection - picking matching fabrics and selecting contrast colours as well.. its a challenge and there's so many different paths you can take - love it! What process do you go through? I used some pink Michael Miller (Dandy Damask?) and pink gingham with a light blue ric-rac splash of colour.


The bag is intended to keep a set of figurines in.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sneezes and Mushrooms

I had some sewing time today and I made a tissue case (Look in list for tissue project). A simple little project and a really good one to get me going again. It is good fun to pick the fabrics to coordinate together!



I also embellished a fabric shopping bag. My daughter started using this bag a few days ago and it had a boring supermarket logo on the side.. so I've made it more kid friendly and hidden the logo away.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sewing in Miniature

I love this.. sewing little things.. I actually drafted a paper pattern, ironed out a few bugs, and the first material dress worked out really well. The button holes even worked really easily too - whoopie. I made a very similar dress for DD 2 years ago and was working off my memory of that one.




Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Been baking..

On 5th April 2009, we welcomed a very cute little boy into our family.
(2.5 weeks)

1 day old piccie:

Sisterly love:
(5.5 weeks)

Beautiful quilt made by this talented lady. Sorry Emma but in those early days I could only get crying (screaming) shots because all he ever wanted to do was feed and laying alone on a quilt is not feeding!
EmmasQuilt-1MONTH-19MAY09-P1010099 (5.5 weeks)

August Birthdays

Every year I make a cake for my niece, Claire. This year she wanted a number '7' and the only cake she was mildly interested in the WW cake book was the photo one with the lollies all over it. So, this was my best effort at putting lollies all over the cake without going too overboard with it. I used mini m&ms for the outline border and a sliced licorice strap for the name.


I also made a bunch of cupcakes for her to share with her friends. I have used Smarties and mini m&ms and assorted soft lollies. I highly recommend the Black&Gold lolly selection at IGA for cake decorating - they are small bags and lots of variety to choose from.


Trivia: Niece of 7 went for the face cupcake first and niece of 4 went for the mini m&m flower cakes. Cute!

There's a bear in there

Hello bloggy peeps! I have been inactive for a little while and we have a new little one in our family now. I will post pictures of the new bubs in another post.

For now, I really, really wanted to sew **something**, so I got some material out this morning and just kept pushing myself to go-go-go, no time for contemplation, just do! It means there was dodgy sewing, no pins and no measuring anything out. I used some patchwork squares that I had left over from another project, I tried to incorporate some ric-rac edging (not so good) and its just got some simple flannel backing. So, voila! A little teddy bear quilt for my dear daughter. I need to make a few more and hopefully she will stop nicking all the face washers in the house!


With a bear in there: