Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Birthday Party!

It has been a little quiet here on this blog partly to do with returning to work and because we've all been very sick lately (I blame childcare bugs!!). My little girl has now turned one and we threw a big party to celebrate. It was a great excuse to catch up with all our friends and family, some of whom we haven't seen as much this year! It was a wonderful day and well worth all the effort we went to in organising things. I "decorated" the cake myself and wouldn't have it any other way despite my husband urging me to just buy one to save us the stress.. Time was getting short but I soldiered on, I cut corners (pre-bought sponge) and I re-used a design that I'd made earlier in the year for Sarah's cousin (see earlier in blog) but I got there in the end and her cake was made by ME!! Yay!!! I think making party cakes is a super special bonus of being a Mum!! :)

Boo wore her special dress on her party day. It was the perfect dress for the day and it suited the weather really well.

Lots of love to my little girl who is now ONE!!

The party girl:

The cake:

The aftermath:

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Emma said...

I love the cake, but what happened to the cupcakes idea? The aftermath looks so familiar, too! Boo looks adorable in her dress. I love the way you call her that. We called James Bubble for ages (as well as lots of other things) but seem to have started using his real name most of the time now he's a 'big boy'. The weird thing is coming up with similar names for Eleanor, since most seem to somehow 'belong' to James after being used for him for so long. At least we can use all the girly ones easily!