Wednesday, August 12, 2009

There's a bear in there

Hello bloggy peeps! I have been inactive for a little while and we have a new little one in our family now. I will post pictures of the new bubs in another post.

For now, I really, really wanted to sew **something**, so I got some material out this morning and just kept pushing myself to go-go-go, no time for contemplation, just do! It means there was dodgy sewing, no pins and no measuring anything out. I used some patchwork squares that I had left over from another project, I tried to incorporate some ric-rac edging (not so good) and its just got some simple flannel backing. So, voila! A little teddy bear quilt for my dear daughter. I need to make a few more and hopefully she will stop nicking all the face washers in the house!


With a bear in there:

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