Friday, January 18, 2008

My shmerpi

Last year I was looking at the One Red Robin blog where ORR had announced she was going on a "break" and had limited stock at her Etsy shop. I followed the link to see the cutest little purple shmerpi called Sugar. I told my husband about this very cute doll and that I'd like to get it but then I ummed and arred, decided I'd spent enough recently and left it. However, I did keep track of the dear doll and updated my husband that it was "still there" and then another time "drat, its sold!, someone had bought it!". My husband did joke at the time that maybe he bought it for me but I didn't believe him and figured some other crafter had purchased it. Well... guess what turned up under the Christmas tree with *my* name on it!! Yes, my husband had bought it for me - how incredibly sweet of him! It is so amazing when someone does something so unexpected for you. My shmerpi is just the cutest thing ever. So much ingenuitive detail has gone into the craftmanship of this doll. I just love it!

Here is my cutie: (yes, my shmerpi, not my husband!)


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Anonymous said...

Hi! So glad that Sugar found such a creative and loving home. I do remember your husband buying Sugar and mentioning that she was to be a surprise gift for his wife - I remember thinking that was just incredibly sweet :-)