Monday, January 21, 2008


We gave our daughter a baby doll for Christmas and she has really taken to playing with her. Over the weekend, I gave DD a blanket to put on her doll and she spent MANY consecutive minutes placing the blanket on her doll, then taking it off, then putting it on the doll etc etc. I spied a little fabric baby doll basket in a sewing book of mine a few months ago and it seems that the time has come for this seed of an idea to grow. It would be perfect for DD so that she can put her baby doll to bed and she'll LOVE the addition of a mattress and pillow - more things to place and arrange! So yesterday I measured and cut (& then measured & cut again on a different fabric b/c I cut the original wrong!), then I studied the pattern, wrote new instructions, tried desperately to visualise what they were trying to instruct… then I finally set about sewing and manipulating my pieces of fabric. I sewed and sewed and SEWED… Unfortunately I have nothing but a jumble of fabric to show for it. :/ Why? B/c I sewed one little bit wrong which then created a problem - which despite my best efforts to work around - kept snowballing into a mammoth un-doable project :( There is just no way that I can attach the final piece without incredible, ridiculous efforts and it will still look wrong. I cannot un-pick because of the fabric I've used, the length of my stitch and the pure length of sewing that I've done.

Now that I understand what I've done wrong, I can see how easy this basket is to make. Alas, I do not have any fabric strips long enough to start again, so a trip to the shops is in order and that’s not very easy for me to organise. BubbleCats!!!!

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