Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Future projects

I like the idea of sharing these projects and kits and eventually making them up to prove I could do it! I have gone with the idea of making a few cot quilts as they seem more achieveable then larger projects.

Pastel Cot Quilt - I absolutely adore these pretty pastel colours.


Fabrics I've picked for a cot quilt and a simple design I've seen. I love the martian fabric - the little creatures are absolutely adorable! It would be a good idea to make one of them up as a softie.


Dolls House pattern and fabric that my Mum bought for me. I absolutely love the idea of this dolls house which is made from fabric and uses applique to embellish the rooms. The house folds up to book-size and is easy to transport. I actually think this would take forever to make so isn't on my current to-do list.



Karen said...

I love that pattern for the doll's house, very sweet but like you say one that will take a while.
To keep you keen on your blog I have tagged you!! Check out my blog for details and enjoy!

Kylie said...

Oh - how sweet is that I LOVE it - do you know where your mum got the pattern from - I think that I would like to make one ofr my DD! Yes I think that it would take a lot of time to complete - it could be one of those projects that you have to do infront of the TV at night or something!