Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dolls Progress & Softie Finds

I have started out on the fun part - making the clothes! This is the boy's shirt and the photo also shows braces that I have cut out for him. I purchased a bag full of furnishing offcuts and have used some microsuede for the braces and will also use it for his shoes.


This is a softie I found at Mum's place. Mum used to make these for school fetes as they are very quick and easy to turn out.


This is my darling playing with my old teddy which I found at Mum's place. There was a Mum and Dad bear and a little baby bear. They came in a little basket and I carried them around everywhere!


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Austy's Mum said...

Oh MY!!!!!! My jaw just dropped and my eyes went all soppy seeing that cute little shirt and gorgeous overalls in the making!!!!! I think I might have to take up doll making just so I can make cute tiny clothes! You have done a supurb job and I can't wait to see the dolls finished and all decked out. Keeping my eyes peeled!!