Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fabric Shopping Again (Already!)

I am the naughtiest person in the world and have not been working on the dolls! When I did get some spare time, I went fabric shopping! I don't really need some more fabric just yet as I have enough for all my current projects. Anyways, there is this fab shop that has some great priced quilting fabrics and I had to go there and see if they had anything new. I also came across another shop with well priced fabrics and joy of joys, I found that they had a second level which was packed to the rafters with quilting materials. I have never seen such a large selection of quilting fabrics before - it was absolutely awesome. Initially I thought the quilting fabrics were at bargain prices like the rest of the store but sadly the gorgeous fabrics were priced around $22-24 a metre which is not a bargain at all.. but at least you can buy the stuff by the metre which is one good thing. There were some gorgeous colours and fancy retro patterns -- I will definitely go back at one point and invest the money to make a really, really nice bag.

So here are some piccies of fabrics I bought. I should not be buying more fabrics but it is actually cheaper then if I went to the big shopping centres and bought up on clothes for Sarah. Aye.. there's always a rainbow.. :)

Rose and pink knit fabrics. Some of the EB girls have mentioned working with knit fabrics of late, so I want to have a go with using this type of fabric for some clothes for Sarah. Really good price of $5 a metre although the rose print is dirty and hopefully cleans up OK.


Fat quarters - at $2 each, I thought this was a good price for getting some basic colours to use for some applique designs. I also got this gorgeous "Pooh" fabric and the piggies.




Studio Bambini magazine for children's clothing inspiration and ideas. I bought the purple fabric today.


ETA: I've been working on the dolls tonight and I've run into some trouble. I cannot bear to give the dolls the face that is suggested in the book.. should I go against the book suggestion and try to find a face of my own? The biggest problem with that, is that it will delay this project and I'd just like to see it finished.

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