Thursday, August 2, 2007

Champagne Celebrations!

I have finally gotten this weblog up and running! This was after a lot of cursing last night as the clock ticked close to midnight and my husband had to come and rescue the computer from me! What I thought was very obvious, just wasn't working but DH did some FAQ hunting for me and helped me work out how to use Flickr photos. Thanks honey!!!

A big plug to the Essential Baby Sewing Webring which has inspired me to start to do some sewing for my beautiful daughter. I was always very crafty growing up and made a lot of my own toys. I did a lot of sewing of clothes towards the end of high school. At HS, I made a lovely little children's smock dress and I shall be hunting for it at my mother's place. I've actually done more quilting work over the last few years although I am VERY slow going with my quilting. Making a child's dress actually seems easy-peasy compared to my quilting progress where I've unfortunately got a lot of works in progress.

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