Saturday, February 23, 2008

Two things in one day?

Well, I have made another pouch. This time I did the stitching differently.

The closed pouch:

The inside of the pouch:

Spot the error? Its actually too small to fit the wipes AND the nappy in at the same time - its not quite wide enough to fold. I actually had plenty of material to make it properly but forgot to include the seam allowances, folded the side flaps over too far and thoroughly stuffed it up. Not to worry, its all a learning process and I had lots of fun trying to work this out - turning it inside and out and I used double sided interfacing, ironing the second side as I felt appropriate and using it to help me position the panel. It was all good fun! So now all I've got to do is work out what to use this pouch for! I have made progress photos and will try to write it up as a tutorial.

Thoughts for next time:
* include a fastener of some kind - either velcro or a snap tab

Not sure what is wrong with me but I am obsessed with making stuff today - I have so many sewing ideas and I have some cooking to do and I obviously do not have time for this! I will probably be curled up in a ball, chanting, by the end of the day and be surrounded by dodgy cutting, scraps galore and burnt food.

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