Sunday, December 23, 2007

PVC Mayhem

I am so excited about this little project. I got the inspiration from dearfii's website. (Unfortunately I cannot remember how I linked there to begin with) I've had the Pooh print for a little while and I thought it would make a good pencil case. I've used interfacing on the Pooh fabric, then lined the inside of the pencil case. I love the added dimension of using PVC because the final product looks so incredibly professional. This item is something that I would easily buy in a shop. I am very happy with it :)



Kisses to my darling for going to bed early again tonight so that I could get some sewing time.


ingrid said...

Thia ia fabulous juni! I have seen dearfiis tutorial and have it on my list of projects to try, but seeing how well yours has turned out is motivation to get started.
Cute fabric too:-)

fiona said...

yay!!well done juni!i love that fabric!watch out though, the pvc is addictive stuff!