Monday, October 1, 2007

Off to the shed with you..

Packed away:

Both myself and DD have been sick with various things and I've returned to work which means there just hasn't been any time to do any sewing. I finally feel better and DD was in bed by 7pm tonight (whoopie!!) and the house is in order, so there was some time to sew! I've been working on these twin dolls and I am getting so annoyed with them :( They are incredibly fiddly, the instructions are a nightmare and I just sewed one of the dolls together wrong and I'm so over them :( I just had a bit of a rant in front of the sewing machine and DH suggested a break.. I've packed the dolls up and am not going to do anything with them for a LONG TIME and I am going to go back to sewing dresses for my DD. I'd prefer projects that can be completed in a night! I'd like to get the dolls completed one day but I just can't stand them at the moment :(

Anyways, I have a stack of new fabrics, a few new dress patterns and I want to start making THEM!



* Dress in cherry white fabric
* Dress in buzzy fabric
* Applique tshirts - duck, pear & hobby horse
* Simple teddy family
* Amy Butler bag

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Emma said...

He he he! I have plenty of projects like that. What a fantastic stack of fabric, I can't wait to see what you do with it all!