Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!


1 month old:

6 months old:

12 months old:

Our dear little boy is now 1 year old. The year has gone so quickly and he has learnt to do so much. Jem is now pulling up to standing on almost anything and getting quite interested in climbing all over us and gets upset that he can't get himself up onto the couch. Jem has always known what he wants, whether that be sleeping, eating phenomenal amounts of food, or something that he needs RIGHT NOW! This has been good as his messages have been somewhat easy to read. You've always been a very placid baby, very easy going and because of this, you probably get a bit more spoilt. Jem loves to hear me singing and thats often the easiest way to settle him to sleep when he's overtired. He loves to dance and he sways to the side whenever music is on and this is always accompanied by the biggest smile you could ever imagine :) He's always been interested in my rings and my jewellery, touching everything and trying to claim it as his. He adores his big sister and loves to see her first thing in the morning when she visits him and entertains him until there's more movement from Mum & Dad. The 2 will loll around in his bedroom - Jem in his cot and Sarah usually sitting on the couch making music on her toy laptop. Matt found Sarah actually in the cot with him one day last month (eep!). The 2 kids can play better together now - Sarah's favourite thing being to give Jem a big bear hug and then roll around on the floor with him. Jem seems to love it although his poor Mum is often shrieking away in the background.

I still remember when Jem was a newborn and we kept him in the bassinette in the hallway. The bassinette was on wheels and he would sleep in the lounge room overnight but we'd tuck him into the hallway to get him out of the main thoroughfare during the day. He's always been a really good sleeper and this did not phase him. His real bedroom was too far away for me to hear if he woke up, so it was nice that he was happy with this arrangement. It was sad when he grew way too quickly and couldn't fit in the bassinette any longer.

I can barely believe that you are now 1 year old. You have learnt to do so much in this amount of time and are really making yourself known in the family now. You love to have fun and we love to have fun with you. Can't wait to see your relationship with Sarah grow and see more of your personality shine through. Loving you very much, Mum & Dad.



Emma said...

Happy Birthday Jem! I love the photos!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday!!! Keep smiling and be good!

Carrie said...

That quilt is gorgeous! Did you make it? Happy birthday!