Saturday, November 8, 2008

Three Wishes

Surprise! Yes, I'm still here and I apologise profusely to anyone who's been after an update from me. We've been through a few ups and downs which have kept us very busy. I am bursting to share this - we are pregnant with our second child - very excited about this, I can tell you! I am currently 16 weeks, and I just started to get my energy back the week of Boo's birthday which was a godsend as there was so much to do!

We wound up having four cakes for Boo's birthday -- she is seriously partied out!! :) She needed a cake for Day Care, a cake for Mothers Group, a cake with the family on her birthday and a cake for the party we had on the Saturday. Boo had taken an attachment to birthday cakes and candles at her niece's birthday in August and had started to learn the birthday song and practice blowing out the candle at the end. She did a brilliant job blowing out the candles on her cake(s)!


The most I have done in regards to sewing over the last few months is to have sewn a new zipper into one of our couch cushions. We did receive a lovely PASS IT ON parcel from Karen The package revealed a beautiful tunic top for Sarah to wear, along with an appliqued tshirt, a tissue holder and a set of fabric coasters. The colour combinations are fantastic, the stitching is perfect and the detail is absolutely amazing. The little whale buttons are just the cutest thing (see detail below). So a very big thankyou to Karen for such a wonderful treat! Boo insisted that she get to wear the top straight away, so over all her clothes it went!




Emma said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Boo! I'm up late decorating James' butterfly cake for his party tomorrow. I did a couple of dozen cupcakes for childcare closer to the actual day, and still have loads of cupackes to do for tomorrow! I need an icing break!

Cascade Lily said...

Congrats on your pregnancy :)

And happy birthday Boo. Blowing out candles at 2 is very impressive...but she did get lots of opportunities!

Karen said...

Congratulations to you - now we know why you've been quiet - those early weeks are exhausting aren't they.
Glad all the items in the belated parcel fit and will be enjoyed.
And of course - happy, happy birthday to your little lady.