Sunday, July 27, 2008


OK, I was going to go to the Craft Fair . Its a FABULOUS fair - my favourite in Melbourne. But at the last minute I decided I would be better of to spend the time working on some crafting/sewing using LAST year's fabric purchases rather then buy a whole heap of new fabric to sit and waste away in my cupboards. So the theme here is to get something done!

We have a few birthdays coming up and I've had the idea of making up some tshirts for the Mothers Group kids. To my great horror, I canNOT find my craft book within which I have stored all my GOOD IDEAS! No tears were shed, I just tried to think up some NEW ideas. I've wound up going very basic for these applique designs - just using pictures already within the fabric and a simple heart shape. In this photo they are not yet appliqued.. I will get to the sewing in the evening.


And just for a bit of fun, here is a piccie of the dissarray that is my dining table right now while doing all this creativity. To make these 3 simple tshirts, I had to go through this:


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Emma said...

How very restrained! I'll be going this year - although admittedly these days I do more looking at quilts than buying stuff! I love the ltitle tshirts you're doing - and the familiar disarray it caused!