Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bib for Bubs

The characters in this material are so cute! I bought the material ages ago to use for a quilt. I don't think I would ever use it nowadays though - its a little too bright for me, but it looks fantastic as a bib for bubs.



Emma said...

Bubs? Not Boo???

Juni said...

LOL.. actually I was thinking that it would be a nice present that I could make for others.. however, I have had trouble with the binding and wouldn't feel comfortable giving away something that wasn't perfectly done.. I am too hard on myself!! Maybe I will get better..

Sarah said...

Thank-you for the birthday wishes, I see lots of gorgeous sewing going on here!!

Cascade Lily said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Juni :)

Love the bib and I looked back over some of your posts - LOVE the Christmas dress you made for Boo. Very sweet. Sewing is good therapy for motherhood isn't it?